Nobel Foundation site hit by DDoS attack on award day

The Nobel Foundation and the Norwegian Nobel Institute have disclosed a cyber-attack that unfolded during the award ceremony on December 10, 2021. [...]
26 January 2022

Link11 Sets New Standards in DDoS Protection as Test Winner

In a recent performance test, cybersecurity provider Link11 was benchmarked against leading international security vendors and emerged as the winner. The study by Frost & Sullivan emphasized the importance of precise detection and speed in mitigating DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.
25 January 2022

Kids won’t stop launching DDoS attacks against their schools

A new NCA campaign seeks to intervene before children find themselves on the wrong side of cyber laws.
22 January 2022

Revamped Community-Based DDoS Defense Tool Improves Filtering

Revamped Community-Based DDoS Defense Tool Improves Filtering Team Cymru updates its Unwanted Traffic Removal Service (UTRS), adding more granular controls and greater ranges of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
19 January 2022

NCA: Kids as Young as Nine Have Launched DDoS Attacks

Initiative aims to divert young people away from cybercrime
18 January 2022

DDoS attacks soared to new highs in 2021

DDoS attacks posed a significant threat to businesses in the manufacturing industry last year.
11 January 2022

DDoS attacks that come combined with extortion demands are on the rise

There's been a significant increase in cyber criminals demanding ransom payments to stop their disruption of online services with DDoS attacks.
11 January 2022

IP spoofing bug leaves Django REST applications open to DDoS, password-cracking attacks

Security researcher discovers how to send unlimited HTTP requests with the same client
11 January 2022

Extortion DDoS attacks grow stronger and more common

The end of 2021 saw a rise in the number of distributed denial-of-service incidents that came with a ransom demand from the attackers to stop the assault. [...]
10 January 2022

Report: DDoS attacks increasing year on year as cybercriminals demand extortionate payouts

Crooks attempt to cash in by upping the ante
10 January 2022

CDN Cache Poisoning Allows DoS Attacks Against Cloud Apps

A Romanian researcher discovers more than 70 vulnerabilities in how applications and their content delivery networks handle cache misses that open the doors to denial-of-service attacks.
06 January 2022

Original Fix for Log4j Flaw Fails to Fully Protect Against DoS Attacks, Data Theft

Original Fix for Log4j Flaw Fails to Fully Protect Against DoS Attacks, Data Theft Organizations should upgrade ASAP to new version of logging framework released Tuesday by the Apache Foundation, security experts say.
15 December 2021

Apache’s Fix for Log4Shell Can Lead to DoS Attacks

Apache’s Fix for Log4Shell Can Lead to DoS Attacks Not only is the jaw-dropping flaw in the Apache Log4j logging library ubiquitous; Apache’s blanket of a quickly baked patch for Log4Shell also has holes.
15 December 2021

Dark web marketplace bites the dust after colossal DDoS attack

A large-scale cannabis marketplace on the dark web has been taken offline for good by a DDoS attack.
30 November 2021

Dark web market Cannazon shuts down after massive DDoS attack

Cannazon, one of the largest dark web marketplaces for buying marijuana products, shut down last week after suffering a debilitating distributed denial of service attack. [...]
29 November 2021

Blizzard confirms was taken down by a DDoS attack

DDoS attack on lasted about an hour, appears to have affected small subset of players.
25 November 2021

The gaming industry's latest challenge: DDoS protection

Like moths to a flame, hackers always go where the action is. As the COVID-19 pandemic drove work away from the office, businesses have faced one cyberattack after another on their remote work infrastructure. Meanwhile, a boom in virtual entertainment has brought a surge of players to the gaming industry -- and with them, a rise in DDoS attack activity. Cybercrime rings are launching triple extortion campaigns combining DDoS attacks with ransomware, and data theft, while ordinary gamers can rent a botnet easily and affordably to cheat or disrupt competition with a DDoS attack of their own. The highly popular Titanfall 2 game has already been rendered virtually unplayable -- perhaps by as… [Continue Reading]
25 November 2021

How to Choose the Right DDoS Protection Solution

How to Choose the Right DDoS Protection Solution Pankaj Gupta, Senior Director at Citrix, outlines how distributed denial of service attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, bigger and economically motivated.
18 November 2021

DDoS Attacks Surge 35% in Q3 as VoIP is Targeted

Lumen claims longest attack lasted 14 days
17 November 2021

Cloudflare blocks almighty DDoS attack launched by Mirai botnet

Cloudflare has detected and mitigated a monsterous DDoS attack that peaked at almost 2Tbps.
15 November 2021