Blizzard says 'mass DDoS' attack stopped users from playing Overwatch 2

The first hours of Overwatch 2 weren't exactly fun, with many players unable to connect to servers.
05 October 2022

DDoS attacks get smaller -- but there are more of them

The amount of DDoS attacks increased by 75.6 percent compared to the second half of 2021, but the average (0.59 Gbps) and maximum (232.0 Gbps) attack sizes each decreased by 56 percent and 66.8 percent, respectively. New research from Nexusguard shows that single-vector attacks represented 85 percent of all attacks globally in the first half of this year. Of these User Datagram Protocol (UDP) attacks accounted for 39.6 percent, an increase of 77.5 percent from the first half of 2021, the remainder being HTTPS flood attacks. For the first time Nexusguard's report looks at the geographic distribution of attacks. Nearly… [Continue Reading]
04 October 2022

A new dangerous malware is turning Windows and Linux devices into DDoS tools

Chaos botnet has already spread from the Americas to Asia-Pacific.
29 September 2022

Chaos IoT malware taps Go language to harvest Windows, Linux for DDoS attacks

Cybercriminals are using Google's Go programming language to target connected devices.
29 September 2022

Chaos Malware Resurfaces With All-New DDoS & Cryptomining Modules

Chaos Malware Resurfaces With All-New DDoS & Cryptomining Modules The previously identified ransomware builder has veered in an entirely new direction, targeting consumers and business of all sizes by exploiting known CVEs through brute-forced and/or stolen SSH keys.
28 September 2022

New Chaos malware infects Windows, Linux devices for DDoS attacks

A quickly expanding botnet called Chaos is targeting and infecting Windows and Linux devices to use them for cryptomining and launching DDoS attacks. [...]
28 September 2022

Hackers are making DDoS attacks sneakier and harder to protect against

Simple yet effective, DDoS attacks are a major threat to online services – but they aren't unstoppable.
28 September 2022

DDoS and bot attacks in 2022: Business sectors at risk and how to defend

According to Gcore, in 2022, the number and volume of DDoS attacks will roughly double compared to 2021. The average attack power will grow from 150-300 Gbps to 500-700 Gbps. Andrew Slastenov, Head of Web Security, at Gcore talks to his colleagues about trends in the cybersecurity market: [...]
21 September 2022

Imperva mitigated long-lasting, 25.3 billion request DDoS attack

Internet security company Imperva has announced its DDoS (distributed denial of service) mitigation solution has broken a new record, defending against a single attack that sent over 25.3 billion requests to one of its customers. [...]
20 September 2022

DDoS Attack Against Eastern Europe Target Sets New Record

DDoS Attack Against Eastern Europe Target Sets New Record The target has been under relentless DDoS attack, which ultimately set a new packets-per-second record for Europe.
16 September 2022

Another record-breaking DDoS attack has been stopped

Akamai says it stopped another record-breaking DDoS attack, this time against an Eastern European company.
16 September 2022

Akamai stopped new record-breaking DDoS attack in Europe

A new distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that took place on Monday, September 12, has broken the previous record that Akamai recorded recently in July. [...]
15 September 2022

DDoS attacks on financial firms increase during Ukraine war

DDoS attacks made up 25 percent of the cyber incidents submitted to the UK's Financial Conduct Authority in the first half of 2022, compared to just four percent in 2021. Analysis by attack simulation specialist Picus Security of information obtained from the FCA under a freedom of information request shows the rise also coincides with a reported increase in DDoS for hire websites and ransomware operators using DDoS as a tactic to pressure and extort money from targets. Picus believes the primary reason for the significant increase in DDoS attacks is UK finance firms being targeted by nation-state attackers and… [Continue Reading]
14 September 2022

DDoS Attacks on UK Firms Surge During Ukraine War

Overall incidents fell in H1 2022, according to FOI data
14 September 2022

Six-year-old blind SSRF vulnerability in WordPress Core feature could enable DDoS attacks

Issue present in pingback requests feature
09 September 2022

LockBit, ALPHV, and Other Ransomware Gang Leak Sites Hit by DDoS Attacks

LockBit, ALPHV, and Other Ransomware Gang Leak Sites Hit by DDoS Attacks A sweeping effort to prevent a raft of targeted cybercrime groups from posting ransomware victims' data publicly is hampering their operations, causing outages.
09 September 2022

Ransomware gang's Cobalt Strike servers DDoSed with anti-Russia messages

Someone is flooding Cobalt Strike servers operated by former members of the Conti ransomware gang with anti-Russian messages to disrupt their activity. [...]
07 September 2022

Top ransomware group hit with DDoS attack, complains about injustice

Hackers are getting a taste of their own medicine with a DDoS attack.
23 August 2022

WordPress sites hacked with malware-laden fake Cloudflare DDoS alerts

Hackers are preying on people that don't understand how DDoS protection works.
23 August 2022

Fake DDoS Protection Alerts Distribute Dangerous RAT

Fake DDoS Protection Alerts Distribute Dangerous RAT Security vendor Sucuri says adversaries are injecting malicious JavaScript into numerous WordPress websites that triggers phony bot-related checks.
22 August 2022