Microsoft Azure repels whopping 2.4 Tbps DDoS attack

DDoS mitigation strategies for Microsoft Azure helped thwart a massive attack directed towards European customer.
12 October 2021

Microsoft: Azure customer hit by record DDoS attack in August

Microsoft has mitigated a record 2.4 Tbps (terabytes per second) Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack targeting an European Azure customer during the last week of August. [...]
12 October 2021

Ransomware actors target VoIP service with another wave of DDoS attacks

Recent attack on VoIP providers seems to be an evolution of ransomware campaign, according to security experts.
11 October 2021

Ukrainian police arrest DDoS operator controlling 100,000 bots

Ukrainian police have arrested a hacker who controlled a 100,000 device botnet used to perform DDoS attacks on behalf of paid customers. [...]
11 October 2021

DDOS attacks: how to prevent and protect your business against them

DDoS attacks are on the increase – but what exactly is a DDoS attack and how can you protect your business against one?
08 October 2021

WireX DDoS botnet admin charged for attacking hotel chain

The US Department of Justice charged the admin of the WireX Android botnet for targeting an American multinational hotel chain in a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. [...]
30 September 2021

Bandwidth CEO confirms outages caused by DDoS attack

The service was still experiencing partial outages on Tuesday afternoon.
28 September 2021 is latest victim of DDoS attacks against VoIP providers has become the latest victim of distributed denial of service attacks targeting VoIP providers this month, leading to nationwide voice outages over the past few days. [...]
27 September 2021

The impact of DDoS attacks on the enterprise [Q&A]

With the UK and US being amongst the top four most targeted nations for network DDoS attacks during the first half of 2021, this is clearly a problem that hasn't gone away amid all the pandemic-related news. We spoke to David Elmaleh, senior product manager, Edge Services at Imperva. to discuss the impact DDoS attacks can have and why it's essential for organizations to monitor for anomalies relating to unexplained traffic spikes. BN: What level of potential damage can a DDoS attack entail? DE: Unlike other kinds of cyberattacks, distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults don’t attempt to breach your… [Continue Reading]
27 September 2021

Trial Ends in Guilty Verdict for DDoS-for-Hire Boss

A jury in California today reached a guilty verdict in the trial of Matthew Gatrel, a St. Charles, Ill. man charged in 2018 with operating two online services that allowed paying customers to launch powerful distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Internet users and websites. Gatrel's conviction comes roughly two weeks after his co-conspirator pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to running the services.
16 September 2021

Meris botnet leverages HTTP pipelining to smash DDoS attack records

Source of attacks ‘almost entirely composed of Mikrotik devices’
16 September 2021