Mirai DDoS malware variant expands targets with 13 router exploits

A Mirai-based DDoS (distributed denial of service) malware botnet tracked as IZ1H9 has added thirteen new payloads to target Linux-based routers and routers from D-Link, Zyxel, TP-Link, TOTOLINK, and others. [...]
10 October 2023

Internet-Wide Zero-Day Bug Fuels Largest-Ever DDoS Event

Internet-Wide Zero-Day Bug Fuels Largest-Ever DDoS Event Ongoing Rapid Reset DDoS flood attacks exposed organizations need to patch CVE-2023-44487 immediately to head off crippling outages and business disruption.
10 October 2023

New 'HTTP/2 Rapid Reset' zero-day attack breaks DDoS records

A new DDoS (distributed denial of service) technique named 'HTTP/2 Rapid Reset' has been actively exploited as a zero-day since August, breaking all previous records in magnitude. [...]
10 October 2023

KillNet Claims DDoS Attack Against Royal Family Website

KillNet Claims DDoS Attack Against Royal Family Website The royal takedown was a brief but effective PR stunt for Russia's most notorious hacktivist group.
02 October 2023

Royal Family Website Downed by DDoS Attack

Russian Killnet group suspected
02 October 2023

Cloudflare DDoS protections ironically bypassed using Cloudflare

Cloudflare's Firewall and DDoS prevention can be bypassed through a specific attack process that leverages logic flaws in cross-tenant security controls. [...]
30 September 2023

Almost 8 million DDoS attacks launched in first half of 2023

Cybercriminals have launched approximately 7.9 million DDoS attacks in the first half of 2023, representing a 31 percent year-on-year increase. A new report from NETSCOUT shows global events like the Russia-Ukraine war and recent NATO bids have driven recent DDoS attack growth. It doesn't really seem to matter which side you're on either. Finland was targeted by pro-Russian hacktivists in 2022 during its bid to join NATO, but Turkey and Hungary were also targeted with DDoS attacks for opposing Finland's bid. The report also sees a trend towards DDoS attacks against wireless telecommunications providers that incurred a 79 percent increase… [Continue Reading]
26 September 2023

Over 700 Dark Web Ads Offer DDoS Attacks Via IoT in 2023

Kaspersky said these services range from $20 per day to $10,000 a month
22 September 2023

'Anonymous Sudan' Sets Its Sights on Telegram in DDoS Attack

'Anonymous Sudan' Sets Its Sights on Telegram in DDoS Attack Telegram has not stated why it has suspended the group's primary account, but it is likely due to its use of bots.
12 September 2023

Mirai botnet infects Android TV boxes to run DDoS attacks

New variant of the Android Pandora backdoor targets Spanish-speaking Android TV users.
07 September 2023

Mirai variant infects low-cost Android TV boxes for DDoS attacks

A new Mirai malware botnet variant has been spotted infecting inexpensive Android TV set-top boxes used by millions for media streaming. [...]
06 September 2023

German financial agency site disrupted by DDoS attack since Friday

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) announced today that an ongoing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack has been impacting its website since Friday. [...]
04 September 2023

Tor Project boosts Onion sites' defense against DoS attacks

A proof-of-work mechanism is included with the new Onion services version to deter attackers. Here's all you need to know.
24 August 2023

DDoS attackers shift their targets

The latest global threat analysis report from Radware shows that DDoS attacks are being reshaped in terms of tactics, vector, size, complexity, and hacktivism. The number of malicious web application transactions skyrocketed by 500 percent compared to the first half of 2022, while the total number of DDoS events decreased by 33 percent. This points to a change in DDoS attack patterns as attacks shift from the network layer to the application layer. Radware's director of threat intelligence Pascal Geenens says: The narrative for the threat landscape in 2023 is clear: a significant shift is taking place in Denial-of-Service attack… [Continue Reading]
24 August 2023

Analyzing Network Chaos Leads to Better DDoS Detection

Analyzing Network Chaos Leads to Better DDoS Detection Suspicious changes in entropy allow researchers to more accurately spot distributed denial-of-service attacks, but false positives remain a problem.
08 August 2023

Russian Hacktivists Overwhelm Spanish Sites With DDoS

Attacks come after Prime Minister’s trip to Kyiv
07 August 2023

Hactivist Group 'Mysterious Team Bangladesh' Goes on DDoS Rampage

Hactivist Group 'Mysterious Team Bangladesh' Goes on DDoS Rampage The emerging threat has carried out 750 DDoS attacks and 78 website defacements in just one year to support its religious and political motives.
03 August 2023

Israel's largest oil refinery website offline after DDoS attack

Website of Israel's largest oil refinery operator, BAZAN Group is inaccessible from most parts of the world as threat actors claim to have hacked the Group's cyber systems. [...]
30 July 2023

Zyxel Vulnerability Exploited by DDoS Botnets on Linux Systems

Fortinet discovered Multiple DDoS botnets, including Dark.IoT, a variant based on Mirai
20 July 2023

Israel Aided UAE in Defending Against DDoS Attack

Israel Aided UAE in Defending Against DDoS Attack Israel's cyber head points finger at Iran-backed MuddyWater APT group as the perpetrator of a recent attack against a university.
03 July 2023