Regular web users unwittingly launch DDoS attacks on Ukraine

A hundred websites are making visitors send HTTP GET requests to a dozen Ukrainian sites.
30 March 2022

Hacked WordPress sites force visitors to DDoS Ukrainian targets

Hackers are compromising WordPress sites to insert a malicious script that uses visitors' browsers to perform distributed denial-of-service attacks on Ukrainian websites. [...]
28 March 2022

DDoS attacks grow in size and complexity

Though the overall number fell slightly, DDoS attacks became both bigger and more complicated in 2021 according to a new report from cloud-based managed security services platform F5 Silverline. By the final quarter of last year the mean attack size recorded was above 21 Gbps, more than four times the level at the beginning of 2020. Last year also saw the record for the largest-ever attack broken on several occasions. One attack in February 2021 measured 500 Gbps. The record was broken again in November with an attack weighing in at 1.4 Tbps -- more than five times larger than… [Continue Reading]
25 March 2022

FBI warns on ransomware that uses DDoS to threaten victims. Here's what to watch out for

A relative newcomer to the ransomware-as-a-service scene is now targeting US critical infrastructure.
21 March 2022

Israeli government confirms it was hit by huge DDoS attack

Israeli officials are investigating if any data, or infrastructure, were compromised.
15 March 2022

The Fight Against the Hydra: New DDoS Report from Link11

Complexity and number of attacks increased again.
11 March 2022

This Week in Security: DDoS Techniques, Dirty Pipe, and Lapsus$ Continued

This Week in Security: DDoS Techniques, Dirty Pipe, and Lapsus$ Continued
Denial-of-Service (DoS) amplification. Relatively early in the history of the Internet — it was only 14 years old at the time — the first DoS amplification attack was discovered. [TFreak] …read more
11 March 2022

Russian defense firm Rostec shuts down website after DDoS attack

Rostec, a Russian state-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate, said its website was taken down today following what it described as a "cyberattack." [...]
11 March 2022

Malware Posing as Russia DDoS Tool Bites Pro-Ukraine Hackers

Malware Posing as Russia DDoS Tool Bites Pro-Ukraine Hackers Be careful when downloading a tool to cyber-target Russia: It could be an infostealer wolf dressed in sheep's clothing that grabs your cryptocurrency info instead.
10 March 2022

Middleboxes now being used for DDoS attacks in the wild, Akamai finds

Malicious actors are starting to add TCP middlebox reflection to their arsenal
10 March 2022

Alarm raised over bug that opens the door to colossal DDoS attacks

DDoS flaw has already been used in the wild, researchers are saying.
09 March 2022

In-the-wild DDoS attack can be launched from a single packet to create terabytes of traffic

A test mode that shouldn't be exposed to the internet from a PBX-to-internet gateway responsible for amplification ratio of 4,294,967,296 to 1.
08 March 2022

DDoS attacks now use new record-breaking amplification vector

A new reflection/amplification DDoS vector has been spotted in the wild, offering threat actors a record-breaking amplification ratio of almost 4.3 billion to 1. [...]
08 March 2022

DDoS attacks could soon be bigger and more dangerous than ever

Experts say this year’s biggest DDoS attack could be tens of thousands of times bigger than those recorded so far.
08 March 2022

Russia shares list of 17,000 IPs allegedly DDoSing Russian orgs

The Russian government shared a list of 17,576 IP addresses allegedly used to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks targeting Russian organizations and their networks. [...]
05 March 2022

Hackers Find a New Way to Deliver Devastating DDoS Attacks

Cybercriminals are exploiting a fleet of more than 100,000 misconfigured servers to knock websites offline.
02 March 2022

Log4shell exploits now used mostly for DDoS botnets, cryptominers

The Log4Shell vulnerabilities in the widely used Log4j software are still leveraged by threat actors today to deploy various malware payloads, including recruiting devices into DDoS botnets and for planting cryptominers. [...]
02 March 2022

DDOs attackers have found this new trick to knock over websites

A theoretical attack becomes real.
02 March 2022

Content filtering devices abused for 65x DDoS amplification

Researchers have identified an alarming new trend in DDoS attacks that target middlebox devices to attain enormous 6,533% amplification levels. With such an amplification level, threat actors can launch catastrophic attacks with limited bandwidth/equipment. [...]
01 March 2022

DDoS Attempts Hit Russia as Ukraine Conflict Intensifies

Plus: Hacker recruits, NFT thefts, and more of the week’s top security news.
26 February 2022