LockBit ransomware blames Entrust for DDoS attacks on leak sites

The LockBit ransomware operation's data leak sites have been shut down over the weekend due to a DDoS attack telling them to remove Entrust's allegedly stolen data. [...]
22 August 2022

Threat Actor Deploys Raven Storm Tool to Perform DDoS Attacks

The malware is reportedly capable of server takedown, Wi-Fi attacks and application layer attacks
22 August 2022

DDoS Protection Weaponized to Deliver RATs

New campaign disguised as fake Cloudflare pop-up
22 August 2022

WordPress sites hacked with fake Cloudflare DDoS alerts pushing malware

WordPress sites are being hacked to display fake Cloudflare DDoS protection pages to distribute malware that installs the NetSupport RAT and the RaccoonStealer password-stealing Trojan. [...]
20 August 2022

Google says it has blocked another huge DDoS attack

At 46 million rps, the attack was 76% larger than the previous record holder.
19 August 2022

Google: Here's how we blocked the largest web DDoS attack ever

Google Cloud says protected one customer from a Mēris botnet attack that peaked at 46 million requests per second.
19 August 2022

Google blocks largest HTTPS DDoS attack 'reported to date'

A Google Cloud Armor customer was hit with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack over the HTTPS protocol that reached 46 million requests per second (RPS), making it the largest ever recorded of its kind. [...]
18 August 2022

Quarter of All Gambling Sites Hit by DDoS Attacks in June

The attacks reportedly increased in conjunction with the start of the Wimbledon tennis tournament
18 August 2022

Malicious PyPi packages aim DDoS attacks at Counter-Strike servers

A dozen malicious Python packages were uploaded to the PyPi repository this weekend in a typosquatting attack that performs DDoS attacks on a Counter-Strike 1.6 server. [...]
15 August 2022

Palo Alto Networks: New PAN-OS DDoS flaw exploited in attacks

Palo Alto Networks has issued a security advisory warning of an actively exploited high-severity vulnerability impacting PAN-OS, the operating system used by the company's networking hardware products. [...]
12 August 2022

DDoS Attacks Pepper Taiwanese Government Sites

Campaign coincides with speaker Pelosi’s trip
03 August 2022

Akamai blocks largest-ever DDoS attack

Someone targeted a company in Easter Europe with 75 DDoS attacks in a month.
01 August 2022

Akamai blocked largest DDoS in Europe against one of its customers

The cybersecurity company and cloud service provider Akamai reports having mitigated the largest DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack ever to have been recorded in Europe. [...]
28 July 2022

DDoS Attack Trends in 2022: Ultrashort, Powerful, Multivector Attacks

The political situation in Europe and the rest of the world has degraded dramatically in 2022. This has affected the nature, intensity, and geography of DDoS attacks, which have become actively used for political purposes. Find out more in this summary of G-Core Lab's latest DDoS Trends report. [...]
27 July 2022

IoT Botnets Fuels DDoS Attacks – Are You Prepared?

IoT Botnets Fuels DDoS Attacks – Are You Prepared? The increased proliferation of IoT devices paved the way for the rise of IoT botnets that amplifies DDoS attacks today. This is a dangerous warning that the possibility of a sophisticated DDoS attack and a prolonged service outage will prevent businesses from growing.
26 July 2022

The evolution of botnets and DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become an ongoing threat for organizations. Using a variety of techniques, a wide range of threat actors from lone hackers, criminal gangs and hacktivists to nation-states are using DDoS attacks to disrupt or disable the performance of target systems. These targets can be small or large businesses, internet service providers, manufacturers, retailers, healthcare providers, schools and universities, or other nation-states. Essentially, any entity with an online presence can become a DDoS target. Now, here is the why. There are three main reasons why people create botnets: For financial gain by extortion -- 'pay up… [Continue Reading]
25 July 2022

Russian hackers use fake DDoS app to infect pro-Ukrainian activists

Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG), whose primary goal is to defend Google users from state-sponsored attacks, said today that Russian-backed threat groups are still focusing their attacks on Ukrainian organizations. [...]
19 July 2022

This tiny botnet is launching the most powerful DDoS attacks yet

5,000 hijacked machines behind the Mantis botnet have launched 3,000 attacks in the past month.
15 July 2022

Mantis botnet behind the record-breaking DDoS attack in June

The record-breaking distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that Cloudflare mitigated last month originated from a new botnet called Mantis, which is currently described as "the most powerful botnet to date." [...]
14 July 2022

Lithuanian Energy Firm Disrupted by DDOS Attack

Lithuanian state-owned energy group hit by pro-Russian hacking group
12 July 2022