Updated RapperBot malware targets game servers in DDoS attacks

The Mirai-based botnet 'RapperBot' has re-emerged via a new campaign that infects IoT devices for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against game servers. [...]
16 November 2022

Botnets, Trojans, DDoS From Ukraine and Russia Have Increased Since Invasion

The news comes from a report by Top10VPN and is based on data by the Shadowserver Foundation
16 November 2022

Evasive KmsdBot Cryptominer/DDoS Bot Targets Gaming, Enterprises

Evasive KmsdBot Cryptominer/DDoS Bot Targets Gaming, Enterprises KmsdBot takes advantage of SSH connections with weak login credentials to mine currency and deplete network resources, as it gains a foothold on enterprise systems.
10 November 2022

The FBI says Russian hacktivists are only seeing 'limited' success with DDoS attacks

These attacks have been more of a nuisance than an actual threat, the FBI claims.
08 November 2022

FBI: Hacktivist DDoS attacks had minor impact on critical orgs

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said on Friday that distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks coordinated by hacktivist groups have little to no impact. [...]
04 November 2022

DDoS Cyberscore: US Treasury: 1, Killnet: 0

DDoS Cyberscore: US Treasury: 1, Killnet: 0 An official just revealed the US Department of Treasury was able to fend off a Killnet DDoS attack last month.
03 November 2022

CISA, FBI, MS-ISAC Publish Guidelines For Federal Agencies on DDoS Attacks

The guidance is for network defenders and leaders to understand and respond to DDoS attacks
31 October 2022

These Microsoft servers are helping fuel massive DDoS attacks

Thousands of servers all over the world abused to serve as data amplifiers, genering tons of DDoS traffic.
31 October 2022

FBI and CISA: Here's what you need to know about DDoS attacks

Agencies say guidance will help organisations to understand and respond to DDoS attacks.
31 October 2022

Fodcha DDoS botnet reaches 1Tbps in power, injects ransoms in packets

A new version of the Fodcha DDoS botnet has emerged, featuring ransom demands embedded in packets and new features to evade detection of its infrastructure. [...]
27 October 2022

Akamai Announces Next Generation DDoS Defense Platform

Upgrade boosts Akamai's dedicated mitigation capacity by 100% and enhances attack fighting capabilities for increasingly sophisticated DDoS threats.
25 October 2022

Microsoft is looking to keep your SMB safe from DDoS attacks

New DDoS protection tool designed for SMBs launches in public preview, in select regions
20 October 2022

Microsoft announces enterprise DDoS protection for SMBs

Microsoft announced today the availability of Azure DDoS IP Protection in public preview, a new and fully managed DDoS Protection pay-per-protected IP model offering tailored to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). [...]
19 October 2022

Pro-Russia Hackers DDoS Bulgarian Government

Killnet reportedly claims responsibility once again
18 October 2022

Minecraft server hit with record-breaking DDoS attack

A Mirai variant was used in an attack that exceeded 2.5 Tbps.
14 October 2022

Nexusguard Research Shows Total Number of DDoS Attacks Increased during First Half of 2022 While Maximum Attack Size Decreased Compared to Second Half of 2021

Nexusguard DDoS Statistical Report reveals key attack observations and analysis from the first half of 2022.
13 October 2022

Russian DDoS attack project pays contributors for more firepower

A pro-Russian group created a crowdsourced project called 'DDOSIA' that pays volunteers launching distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against western entities. [...]
13 October 2022

Cloudflare mitigated record DDoS attack against Minecraft server

Wynncraft, one of the largest Minecraft servers, was recently hit by a 2.5 Tbps distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. [...]
13 October 2022

DDoS is fast becoming a potent weapon for cybercriminals

Telecoms, entertainment, and fintech industries were the worst hit, due to Covid-19 and the Russian invasion.
13 October 2022

US airports are being hit by DDoS attacks from Russia

Some websites are still offline, but flights are unaffected.
11 October 2022